In partnership with Community Networks of Specialized Care (CNSC) and our telemedicine provider Blue Jeans, Developmental Services Resource Centre – Waterloo Region (DSRC) hosts clinical, educational and administrative events through the use of videoconference technology. This collaboration has allowed us to increase our capacity and reach out to individuals, families, care providers and agency staff providing access to the various facets of developmental service resources. From multidisciplinary team consultations involving specialties across the province planning for challenging and complex cases; to providing equal access to current and relevant knowledge and best practices, videoconferencing technology is one of the most tangible benefits of the Videoconferencing Program.


Videoconferences pertaining to developmental services are hosted by DSRC.  To obtain a complete list of events being offered through videoconference, please refer to the Event Calendar at:  Community Networks of Specialized Care.

Videoconferences at DSRC

To register to attend an event at our location, please call 519-741-1121, Ext. 2201 or send an email to, providing your complete name, contact information and the name of the videoconference you would like to attend. Our Information Resource Assistant will contact you with confirmation details.

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, the videoconference may be cancelled at the DSRC site. Please listen to 570 News AM, 96.7 CHYM FM, 105.3 KOOL FM, or KIX 106 FM to find out if it will be held. As a general rule, all events held at DSRC are cancelled on days when schools are closed due to weather.